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 League Game 2 Cancelled!

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PostSubject: League Game 2 Cancelled!   Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:48 pm

Last night (saturday 9.2) we where supposed to be playing our second game in the FosenPokerLeague with $245 in the pot for the top three finishers of the league. We are now 54 registered users,but last night only 4 people registered for the game.We needed 5 to get it going,so it got cancelled.I must admit that i`m very frustraited about it :-(
I lay down a lot of efford in this,a lot of energy,work and time, only to see games got cancelled...If this forum is gonna stay alive,we need some players in the buyin tourneys as well as in the freerolls.If we dont,the pokersites are not gonna give anymore deals to us.They try us out and see how we do in those tourneys,if we can get enough people so they can give us even better deals,we need to show our interest.Why is it that you people don`t show up?Is the time wrong?Should we be playing at different time or day maybe?Is the buyin ($2) too high or too low?Do you just wanna play freerolls?Please come to the forum and let me now!I will put up a poll in the forum where you guys can help me out...
Please show a little interest in this one at least :-(

Frustrated Admin
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PostSubject: Re: League Game 2 Cancelled!   Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:53 pm

I have said it before, but the Saturday is the wrong day. Also noticed that some of your members are americans. And the time for them is nothing better. 2 dollar buyin is something all can live with, If you want this to be a high-roller place you have to raise it considerably. But is is a new site and maybe that is the main problem.... You have to deposit there and start playing on a new site... I already have a lot of sites i am playing on so boring with yet another one. And 1 minute before it started everything was cool, so you are nearly there mate.
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League Game 2 Cancelled!
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