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 New to poker

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alex weber

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Registration date : 2010-06-12

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PostSubject: New to poker    New to poker  EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 8:29 am

Hey, I am new to this site, and new to poker as well. I know a group of friends of mine who play poker together. I always wanted to play with them, but don't know how.
I wanted to start learning by playing online poker. Any tips for a newbie? Olympic Casino

Are there good sites to start on?
Any tips would be appreciated!!! Hooters Casino

Does playing in a casino mean to win? Of course not, otherwise the gambling establishments have long turned to the distribution points of money. This never happens on every bet amount is already incorporated a certain percentage of the casino takes as a fee for services.

Among other things, in different games have a casino advantage - if there is no interest charges from the bet, then, the casino gets its "share" in the form of more frequent winning player. Online Casino Roulette

This is known to all, and if the casino has a good reputation, which seeks to preserve, it will never become "tighten up" slots, roulette and other games in the direction of increasing loss of players. This policy works is correct, and only following it in good faith may retain the confidence of visitors.

However, even in the best casino players sometimes are not immune from the frequent defeats. Usually it is a question of luck, and in fact 20 losses in a row - not only signal to fraud on the part of the casino or its employees, but also a sign of a player, that today the star is clearly not inclined to make him rich.
Casino review

If the player has chosen a good casino, well-versed in the rules of the game, and quite balanced bets, but he is unlucky, one way out - to accept, and try to take a chance on another day.

Professionals are taught to extract errors from their failures. So treat to failure in the casino, how to training courses. In this case, you may be, get as much information as you will never, no victory. And the first thing to do if you get a "black bar" - to leave without trying to win. " Most players lose very large sums in trying to win. "

Casino review

Even after an altered state of consciousness (as in stress, which is the losing, it is precisely this), replacing the normal perception of the world, should be reviewed to happen to you "the bones". Do not need to immediately write to all sites, a casino, where you lose, just dishonest, and you do not advise anyone to play there. Even if true, would require proof of dishonesty institutions, and allegations are fraught with challenges for the player himself.

After a big loss would be particularly effective in a detailed analysis of spending of your finances and identify the weakest link in the strategy. If there is a link - excellent. You have not lost in vain.
Casino Monte Carlo

And finally - the universal advice: keep your sense of dignity even in Akhova situation, and to make it easier, do not play on the last money. Good luck!

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PostSubject: Re: New to poker    New to poker  EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 6:54 pm

Hi Alex!
You posted a simular topic when you registered here 12.6.10 New to poker  Icon_wink
Back then you wrote you had won a tourney at FullTiltPoker...
Well,here is a link to the answer i gave you back then,and if you want tips to pokersites to play at,please surf this forum and you will find a lot of banners to trusted pokersites,where you easily can build a good bankroll New to poker  Icon_smile

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New to poker
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