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 How Much have you won?

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alex weber

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How Much have you won?  Empty
PostSubject: How Much have you won?    How Much have you won?  EmptyThu Aug 12, 2010 2:12 pm

I just want to know how much have you won playing on line poker?
what was the most you have won playing in a online tournament?
Casino Bellini

Lets see, I got 2nd in a tournament on Bodoy and I did have to pay to get into it but I won 85.00 and I got 2nd place in a nother tournament on Bodoy but it was a freeroll and I won 75.00 online casino

I have not won nothing real big as you can see.
Slot machines are a little more than a hundred years, and during this time were able to compete with other gambling. Moreover, their share of the cash flow in the gaming growing, and there is every reason to believe that a few decades, the slots will be mostly entertaining game in the casino.

This popularity and mass due not only to love the simplicity and appeal of slots, but their extraordinary diversity. Multiline slots today are good that a player can use all the lines, or leave one or two, in his view, the most important.
Casino Millionaire

Pyatidesyatilineyny slot machine - a real spectacle of colors, excellent sound and action, from which even the completely insensitive players happens instant adrenaline into the blood. And this is especially true in cases where a player falls free prize rotation.

This function is provided by almost all slots, except for very much the classic one-and three-line. So, that gives the player the prize rotation?

Depending on the amount won by the rotation and the rate which it preceded, the player can simply relax at and a little digging for money for future games, or win so much that not everyone compare with the jackpot win on aggregate.

casino blackjack

During the prize of the rotation all fallen successful combination multiplied by some factor, which means that even a successful alignment of the drums in this case will be much more profitable than usual. The number of sequences prize rotation does not depend on anything other than the random number generator, which lies at the heart of any gaming machine.

Casino Las Vegas

It sometimes happens that after the rotation turned over the prize to the player immediately drops the second "tour" prize of the rotation, or even more interesting - in the first "tour" of the second falls, and get a bonus game inside another. However, if a good bet player in advance, have all chances to get at the expense of thousands of dollars for just one game.

Successful players in the slots recognize that playing slots is often reduced to the expectation of the prize rotations, since the intensity of the game winning often covered loss. On the other hand, if the player had the patience to wait for the prize of the rotation, he will return a hundredfold all that was "fed" slot.

In the online casino game play slots much more dynamic - here you can select "Auto", and the slot will count at least 50 rotations in one fell swoop. Therefore, the prize-winning speed here falls often. However, as with continuous play on a real slot. online slot casinos
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How Much have you won?  Empty
PostSubject: Re: How Much have you won?    How Much have you won?  EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 7:36 pm

I've lost $100 over the course of two $50 deposits. My first deposit lasted 9 months, I got it up to $200 pretty quick but slowly trickled down to $0. My last $50 was depostied for tournaments because I was feeling lazy and didn't want to go to the casino to play. I thought my first deposit was pretty good considering I was really just learning the game. My second one was pretty much disposable, I didn't really try to budget it so it went pretty quick

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How Much have you won?
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