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 Am I just unlucky?

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Am I just unlucky? Empty
PostSubject: Am I just unlucky?   Am I just unlucky? EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 6:11 am

Greetings all, Blackjack Guide

I seem to be going though a rough patch at Will Hill. I'm finding I often get it in with the best hand, and be often a 80+% favourite before the River only to continually loose. Last night I had pocket Kings, there was a raise before it got to me with three other players, I re-raised 4X's the original hoping to take down the pot then only to be called by two players - flop contains the mandatory Ace and two hearts. I go all in for my last 8 quid, one player folds, the other calls me with 6 8 of hearts - turn is a blank, River brings, you guessed it, Q of Hearts! This gent had called with nothing but the flush draw, and hit it - I'm so over these beats - why do these people never fold....and worse, why do they hit so much! Go Casino

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Am I just unlucky? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Am I just unlucky?   Am I just unlucky? EmptyThu Sep 23, 2010 1:31 pm

Thank you for sharing youre experience with us Henderson.
I think youre just unlucky here.
Been there so many times and it is so irritating when they hit on the river,just chasing for a straight or flush or whatever....
But in the long run these are the players to watch and notice.These are the people you take the money from in the long run.
At the most pokerrooms you are able to write down some notice of the players,just clicking on theyre names or something.Save it and the next time you play these "gamblers" you are in front of them.
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Am I just unlucky?
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