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 Why do people like to gamble online?

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Why do people like to gamble online?  Empty
PostSubject: Why do people like to gamble online?    Why do people like to gamble online?  EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 6:34 am

This is a question that non-playing part of the population. Life has changed, and changed gaming. But the fact remains: if a man can play, he will. But why? Organization anonymous gamblers gathered information according to which dependence - a pathological disease, but at the same time receiving pleasure and enjoyment from the game. Some players have a subconscious motivation, but others simply enjoy the process. Ask 10 different players, why they like to play in the casino, and you'll get 10 different answers. But we still tried and found three main motive.
Gambler driven by money casino online guide

Of course, the reason number one
Poker no deposit bonus to win a certain amount. Why are millions of people constantly buying lottery tickets, knowing that they have a greater chance that they struck by lightning than they win. All are hoping to break the jackpot, and even a small amount is sufficient that the person continued to play in the casino. At the psychological level, the phenomenon
play casino/ expectation is best explained psychologist BF Skinner.

Gambling casinos, according to Skinner, are classified as positive incentives. This means that even a single win (and with a lot of losses) - this is a positive impetus for the person to continue to play. If you have ever played on the machine, you probably know what I mean. Even if you lost $ 100, you still feel a pleasant sensation, if you win $ 30.
For gamblers game - a contest
poker games

Excitement in the competition is particularly strong in the gambling casinos, which require certain skills. This, for example, poker. As a result, the player is released into the blood adrenaline. When someone wins, it will not just get money, and defeated his opponent.
Gamblers attracted by the thrill of the unknown

Casino Dealer
Everyone loves a good surprise. This is another aspect of the attractiveness of gambling. For players who come to the casino, knowing that they will lose, the winnings are even more enjoyable. Add to that an atmosphere of noise, and you get a great recipe for a Saturday night.

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Why do people like to gamble online?
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