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 Good laydown ?

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alex weber

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PostSubject: Good laydown ?    Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:08 pm

After reviewing this article, I initially was not even surprised. Known case, I thought, it can be a huge chance to win $ 1000, and with little chance to lose a fortune. And then I suddenly realized that this is not about status, but only about $ 315! What is it? Is found, finally, the philosopher's stone? Unfortunately, not found - has crept into the article a serious mistake. Imagine that we put $ 5 on the Six-line and lost. Double the rate ($ 10) Fortuna with us, we win. According to the author, as a result of these two spins, we once grew rich on the $ 1. But alas, it is not. On the second spin our prize was only $ 2, and before that we lost $ 5. In order for the game on the Six-line earned a martingale, we should not double the rates and increase them six times! On the second spin must not put $ 10 and $ 30. And if you lose, then the following four backs have to deliver 180, 1080, 6480 and finally to 38,880 dollars. In order to withstand all these blows, you must have a capital of $ 46,655. Concluding the article about the new coming of the martingale, it would write:

May try to take $ 46,655 and go to the casino. With probability of more than 95% you will win $ 1000. Maybe we should not try?

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PostSubject: Re: Good laydown ?    Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:32 pm

It seems like a good laydown to me....It is always hard to call when somebody goes allin...and when an ace shows up on the table and you got lower pair, I think you do right here.I would have folded for sure ;-)
The most important thing here is to know how this player have played earlier...maybe he likes to bluff?
I think i also would have raised abit more preflop,not allin, but a big raise....Thats my opinion anyway...
Other thoughts here guys?
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Good laydown ?
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