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  How often are you willing to get it all-in pre flop with A

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alex weber

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PostSubject: How often are you willing to get it all-in pre flop with A   Sun May 29, 2011 3:35 pm

If you like blackjack and poker gambling trade club, you should get acquainted with the game Holdem Blackjack (until there is only a few poker rooms online Cryptologic). The authors have borrowed the game from blackjack rules and a set of scoring hands - just as the Player should have a combination as close as possible to 21 without busting. Since the game is not against the dealer, there is no sarend, division, doubling, even blackjack canceled, it's just 21 points and has no advantage to 21, recruited from, say, three cards. But the eldest is a combination of "7 Card Charlie" - seven cards without busting. Well taken from hold'em trade. In the first round all players is dealt one card, put a mandatory small and big blinds (in the tournament can be and antes), commissions
by a round of betting is completely analogous Limit Hold'em with a step in the big blind and a maximum of three raises. In the second round the remaining players are dealt one more card, and there is a second round of betting on the double. At the end of the second stage, players can continue trading card set (clockwise from left of the dealer). The player can buy maps until you wish to stop or until the iterate. Once players buy cards will stop, is the last round of betting, with bets here may vary 2-10 times the big blind. At the end of trading is opening the player with the best ("7 Card Charlie", 21, 20, etc.) wins the pot, if the same combination of several - they split the pot. If all remaining players to go bust, then the winner is the one who has fewer points (22, 23, etc.). The institution takes a rake in poker by. It is clear that in a game against opponents, the basic strategy can not be, but we can assume that a player with good knowledge of blackjack and hold'em will take precedence.
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How often are you willing to get it all-in pre flop with A
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