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 Standings after Game 4 - Fosen Poker League

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PostSubject: Standings after Game 4 - Fosen Poker League   Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:50 pm

Standings after Game 4 - Fosen Poker Comeback League:
Pl.   Name                    3 first games + 4th Game = Overall
1. seantheshark                    36p.     +    10p.    =   46p.
2. Gulive                              32p.     +     7p.     =   39p.
3. Fosen-King                       24p.     +    11p.     =   35p.

4. sabrina821                        25p.    +       8p.     =  33p.
5. alexbeloz777                       7p.    +       0p.     =  32p.  
6. scorpio7711                      24p.    +       6p.      =  30p.
7. DarkRalph                         20p.    +        9p.     =  29p.
8. lee-fan189                         6p.     +       0p.      = 14p.
8. MAo_Ural_Pro                     9p.     +       0p.      = 14p.
10.Orlovchanka                       8p.    +       5p.      =  13p.
10.dirk_                               11p.    +        2p.     =  13p.
10.alneal4444                         1p.    +      12p.     =  13p.
13.alecs_p11                          0p.    +       0p.      =  12p.
13.Ferrero                              8p.    +       4p.      =  12p.
15.13pJasonast78                    0p.    +       0p.      =   9p.
16.t1tpfdc4                            7p.    +       1p.      =   8p.
16.LiquidePet                          0p.    +       0p.      =   8p.
18.DonKaprano                        2p.    +       3p.      =   5p.
19.balo112                             0p.    +       0p.      =  4p.
19.MikolaMM                           4p.    +       0p.      =  4p.

Seantheshark leads by 7 point to Gulive who is on 2nd place, and it is almost impossible to get by him now.
But I guess you should never say never in poker lol!
Hopefully a lot of players will play the last game at red Kings, and if so, there will be a lot of points to fight for.
Alexbeloz777, placed second before tonights game, didn`t play tonight, and may have lost all chance of winning the League.
But there is a lot to fight for in the last game. Who will finish second and third?
And maybe I put a prize on Seanthesharks head in the last game? jocolor
What you Guys think? lol!
Remember: There will be $50 added to the game as usual, and the Top-3 finishers in the League will get $50, $30 and $20 and a T-shirt from red Kings Poker on top of that. king

Hope you Guys enjoyed tonight game, and that you will come back for more next monday. cheers   king
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Standings after Game 4 - Fosen Poker League
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