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 Passwords questions

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PostSubject: Passwords questions   Passwords questions EmptyTue Sep 11, 2007 3:00 pm

Hi members!

I get a lot of pms asking for tourney password, and now i got a question asking for passwords for a private tourney, for a forum that i am a member of.He had seen me registered for tonights tourney and therefore he ask me if i could give it to him. I said of course......

Here is the question, and my answer to him,and it goes for anybody else too:

Hey FosenKing i have seen you in a ......... freeroll on ....... later today, i was just wondering if you could help me enter this tourney, i dont necessarily want the password from you unless you are in charge but i would like to know where i could sign up to gain entry.
Also i keep checking back into this forum but i cant find much going on isnt there anyway of getting a private play chips poker table some where for the forum so we could meet over a friendly game of poker, it is just a sugestion but it may help

Sorry,but i cannot help you with any password to the tourney tonight.
It`s only for members of another forum that i`m a part of...
Passwordthiefs are the worst that is!I think you understand.

And i will not give out any information either so that you just can register for the tourney tonight. We have worked hard in the forum to get that $400 freeroll, and i think the true members deserve this one. But if youre still interested i give you a link next week for our buyin tourney.

The reason for me being so bitchi is that we had passwordthiefs in our last private tourney, and when the tourney was over i never heard from them.
Thats not helping our forum, and i feel pissed because i have laid down many,many hours of work for this and somebody just destroy it stealing....

To the last question:
We will soon have a lot of buyin-tourneys at several pokersites.If we can get a few people to play in this tourneys with extra money added to the pot, we will get many freerolls also.But we need buyin-players!
If youre interested please give me a hint.
We have the chance to play freerolltourneys at a few sites with no prizes for the winners, but i didnt think it was interesting enough for you players.
If you like to play freerolls with no money involved, then please give me a hint.
I`m also planning a freerollleague for our members with prizes for the top finishers, but i have not been able to get us a sponsor for that one yet...
As i said earlier, We need moneyplayers to get this sponsoring from the different pokersites!
So, if there are people out there that want to play some private buyin-tourneys with us,PLEASE TELL ME!!!
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Passwords questions
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