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 Attempting to Build a Bankroll - Running Bad or just terribl

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Attempting to Build a Bankroll - Running Bad or just terribl Empty
PostSubject: Attempting to Build a Bankroll - Running Bad or just terribl   Attempting to Build a Bankroll - Running Bad or just terribl EmptyWed Dec 07, 2011 11:59 am

I would like to thank everyone in advance for reading my story (If you please) and for helping with my game.

I have been been playing online poker for about 3 years now, since I was 18. I figured I would do fairly well, as I have done well in home games and have always been good at games/strategy/math, etc. At the start I probably lost about 1k playing micro/low stakes over the course of about a year. I realized that I needed to take the game more seriously so I bought some books and began to work on my game. After playing for a few more months I finally found some success, winning the Midnight Madness event on FT. I cashed out about 70% of the 4k that I won and continued to play with the rest. I won fairly consistently for about another 2-3 weeks playing $24 Knock out 90 person sngs, winning approx 1k. After that I seemed to go on a downswing, losing my bankroll plus about another $500, a total downswing of about 2k.

It has been since that point that I have not been able to win a dime. I played full time for about 6 months and lost constantly(I was only playing sngs with a $100 roll mind you, trying to build enough to play cash). I wouldn't just degen all my money away, I would maybe go up about 200 or 300 with my 100 dollar buy in, but I would usually withdraw little profit, or just lose the rest to (assumed) variance.

Now I am working full time, trying to build a bankroll on the weekends. I play mostly heads up sngs, turbos and hypers, anything from $1.5-$15, depending on how much I have in my account (usually about 50 to start). I realize playing 15s on a 50 dollar roll is way underolling myself, but I can easily replenish my roll. I have been trying this for a few weeks now and seem to be running impossibly bad. I would like to post some HH from this weekend, but not sure if I should just post in text form or convert them somehow.

I would love any advice on my play, but am mostly looking to see if I am making negative EV plays all the time and just throwing away my money, or if im just experiencing a high rate of variance. It has been eating away at me, and I feel like im constantly playing scared.
Thanks everyone for any advice, please let me know how I should post my HH.

Also, if this is in the wrong forum, please forgive me and move it to the proper one.
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Attempting to Build a Bankroll - Running Bad or just terribl
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